Be warned, this game requires a “reasonably good” computer (the instance count goes well over 1k towards the end of the game). Windows only at the moment. But it will run on a emulator if you know how to use such a thing.





Here it is. At last. After some 900 hours of work, its finally at a stage where it’s worth showing to people.

“drone” is basically a top-down shooter combined with a tower defense combined with a RTS with a bit of driving sim and rpg in there. You kill enemies to collect money which you may then spend on weapons, ammo, armor, buildings, or vehicles. The fun is in how its balanced. It is possible to finish the entire game without using any weapons – just buildings. Likewise, you can finish the entire game with just weapons and no buildings at all.

There are 10 weapons, 10 buildings, 3 sets of armor, 3 vehicles, 16 enemies, 5 levels, 3 hours of game time minimum. This game is in HD up to 2800 x 1750 but will auto scale to your desktop’s resolution by default. If it is running choppy on your computer; turn the res down. It should run at 50 fps. Please take the time to play with the settings in the menu to get the game looking right.

All the art, programming, sound and design was done by me. The music was done by Alex Vaatstra.

Detailed instructions (the in-game tutorial explains most of this, but here is the extended version)

  • The controls are: W,S,A,D or up, down, left, right to move.
  • You always look in the direction of the mouse.
  • Left mouse will fire a shot in the direction you are facing.
  • Left mouse will also buy things.
  • Left mouse will also place a structure after you’ve bought it.
  • Left mouse will also sell things while you are in sell mode, right mouse will exit sell mode.
  • When you buy a weapon, you must equip it from the “inventory” in order to use it.
  • Equipping a weapon will place it on a “list” which you can then scroll through with the mousewheel or E and Q. (I did it this way because towards the end of the game, you will have several weapons which you may not want to continue to use. Accidentally selecting them while you are trying to run away from a boss, shooting into a crowd in from of you is beyond frustrating. Furthermore, hotkeys are not an option as you have to remain mobile while switching weapons.)
  • Equipping a spanner while driving the juggernaut will cause you to spontaneously heal it.
  • To drive a thing, stand in the white circle on it and don’t touch the move keys.
  • While driving a vehicle, you will constantly move towards the mouse pointer at a speed relative to the distance between you and the mouse pointer.
  • While standing in the command tower, 2 circles appear where the mouse pointer is. Friendly units that enter the inner circle will follow your pointer until they leave the outer circle.
  • Some weapons will fire once per click, others will fire as long as the mouse button is held.
  • You can sell and repair vehicles, but not robots.
  • Right mouse will dismiss the sell icon and cancel a building before it has been placed on the ground.



"The portal room, with all the doors open and the menu showing"

"a juggernaut tank shooting at an axebot, base on the right"

"burning some axebots with a flamethrower, while taking fire from a machinegunner."

"shooting an axebot with a railgun while being chased by a boss axebot having just left a scorch mark on the ground with the medium armor."